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Elle photoshots (and the phantom of the opera!)

Wow, the Elle photoshots are fantastic!
I crop the image and I used a creamy colouring..

I hope you like them!

Uh, and... I've seen for the second time The phantom of the opera... AAAAAAH! Gerard is beautiful.
With a voice... Oh my god!
The soundtrack is awsome! BTW I've done 50 textless icons^^

-It's all textless today!-


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** Textless icons are not bases
** Enjoy!!!

(1/17)Ashlee Simpson
(18/38)Bryce Dallas Howard
(39/55)Evangeline Lilly
(56/62)Hillary duff
(63/87)Keira Knightley
(88/99)Scarlett Johansson
(106/155)The Phantom of the Opera


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