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WTF it's going on?!

Mmmmh... I don't know why, but there's something wrong in my Lj.
I've made a mistake somewhere... ;_______;
That's the problem: every link on my info and in every page I open on lj ends with "?style=mine" and this changes the layout and the customization...
Someone knows what I have done?


Correct link: http://community.livejournal.com/jrm_stills/

Incorrect link: http://community.livejournal.com/jrm_stills/?style=mine


Help me, please!

A song

I'm so tired, but another day is passed... 4 days to saturday!! Yeah!

Btw the exhaustion ends when I return home and listen a veeery pretty song of Billy Joel...

Collapse )

AAAAh beautiful!
This is used for a promo on tv for "Calzedonia" (I don't know if it's international)...
Very sweet!
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I'm very very repetitive but.... NEW COMMUNITY!

AAAAAAAAH!!! Ok... After two weeks of intense work... (Ehm, yes... Almost...)



I told you "I want to make a graphics community"... And that's it.
I love my lj, but I want something new and I hope you like it! -The communities are my drugs... After hunnam_stills and jrm_stills... ;_;-

I'll update with new (and, strange but true, very very coloured!) icons and headers!
Mh, I've thought to post just in members, but... I know... Nobody will join!
So, just for keep (..partially) the control of all, I'll put the new post in members after one week.
I will post the new graphics only in the fandom community!

Ah! And I promise to post more frequently (*cof cof*).

That's really all, see you soon!!!

p.s. Some of you have requested me,in these months, tuts, icons... I'll post the old request in dreamon_irys -2 tuts- but for the new requests I have made a specific post!

EDIT: I will post the new graphics only in the fandom community! Just today -Tuesday- I realize that I'm member only of fandom community... in a way or in another way!!
Fandom of what??!?! I'm drunk!! Bah bah... ;_;
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