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Ok, finally my day comes to an and, I'm very tired, but I have to do two important things:

1) To watch True Blood
2) To read the beginning of Stehenie Meyer's Breaking Down

Ok, I can do both...

Edit: min. 2 of TB

There's something I have to say...I know personally no one vampire, and it's a fact, but really... I grow up with Interview of the vampire, cartoons, other movies, books like Laurell Hamilton's... And 7 years of Buffy, so, I have the right experience to say this: This is not the way that a vampire "dead"!
Oh, well... I don't want to spoiler anything, just a pic and the rest inside..

Yeah, I'm horrified too.
Btw, it's no one normal person in all the series that is really normal (Oh my God, Oh my God... Sorry Sam is doing something that I can't tell you...Very uhm woffy woffy).
Well, I love every vampires, the bad one the good one, just 'cause they're vamp, but in this case... I'm starting to hate Bill Compton, really, I don't know why, but for example... Do you remember the end of the second season of Buffy? When Angel died... I cried a couple of weeks, I was in mourning, really. And for Spike? The last episode of Buffy... I had the full recovery after six months (I'm not joking...). And now this vamp is the worst vamp I ever seen (I'm sorry for who loves him)... Boring, older than Sookie (rally older not "I have a hounded and fifty years but I look like a twenty years old boy", no, he look like fifty... ) and I'd love the idea that he's dead 'cause I'm waiting for someone better for Sookie... But If Sookie is happy with Bill, how am I to say anything? Anyway I'm keep waiting for a new cool vamp and in the meantime I post a couple of screen of this episode.


See ya!
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