Irys (just_irys) wrote,

I LOVE Hairspray and...

Zac Efron.. I can't say this with a loud voice 'cause he seems like a thirteen year old guy, and it's not very fair.. I'm 22 (It's-not-my-fault-if-I'm-so-old!) ;;_;;.

By the way the music, the characters (aaaaaaaaaaah John! He... She .... He was AAAAAAAAH!!!!GREAT) were just fabulous and brilliant (not only for the effect of the hairspray!!)... Oh ok was waiting all the parts with Zac... He sing and dance very well. And when I say very well I mean VERY WELL!

;_; I want fifteen year!

Oh now I have to go to spend all my night on Zac Efron... ok... *tump!*... Ehehe... To make a couple of icons!

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