Irys (just_irys) wrote,

One, two, three *Breathe* - One, Two, Three *Breathe*

Oh My God!


  • The first and -i hope- not the last post w/ my new paddy

    Well, I wrote a post when i bought my i pod touch in the 08 and i've never write again.. Mh i'm a very bad blogger.. So... That's my I pad and i…

  • OMG! O_O

    Ok, finally my day comes to an and, I'm very tired, but I have to do two important things: 1) To watch True Blood 2) To read the beginning of…

  • Ok then. finally... here I am

    Hi everybody, I'm glad to write you again, and I hope to update the journal frequently. Yeah I know, these are just words, but I have changed the…

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