Ok, finally my day comes to an and, I'm very tired, but I have to do two important things:

1) To watch True Blood
2) To read the beginning of Stehenie Meyer's Breaking Down

Ok, I can do both...

Edit: min. 2 of TB

There's something I have to say...I know personally no one vampire, and it's a fact, but really... I grow up with Interview of the vampire, cartoons, other movies, books like Laurell Hamilton's... And 7 years of Buffy, so, I have the right experience to say this: This is not the way that a vampire "dead"!
Oh, well... I don't want to spoiler anything, just a pic and the rest inside..

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Ok then. finally... here I am

Hi everybody, I'm glad to write you again, and I hope to update the journal frequently. Yeah I know, these are just words, but I have changed the layout (after hsm3... lovely movie... I'll talk to you of that as soon as I'll go to watch it again..^^) and I'm full of good intentions.

I have to try to tell you what I'm doing and what I'm watching (It's a journal come on!) So...

Right now I'm watching Eleventh Hour 1x04 and that's a good thing, the bad thing is that I'm starting hope for a kiss or something like that (after Bones the "kiss" can be a wish, the "sex" is just fantasy... -and Blood Ties doesn't help either-) between Hood and Rachel. Look I know, it's a strange couple, she's the one with the gun, but, who cares? He's smart and funny and.. Well... He's good looking! (btw a little older for my taste). It's like X-Files without the evil creatures that comes from the WC and Bones with a little more fantasy. I'm waiting the next episode! Ok well, before the goodbye I have some screen that I want to share...

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God bless the advertisement

That's the story.. I was watching Ncis and, during the last advertisement, I had and heart attack. I know this time it was true.
Watch this if you don't believe me:

Well... O_____________________O

I LOVE Hairspray and...

Zac Efron.. I can't say this with a loud voice 'cause he seems like a thirteen year old guy, and it's not very fair.. I'm 22 (It's-not-my-fault-if-I'm-so-old!) ;;_;;.

By the way the music, the characters (aaaaaaaaaaah John! He... She .... He was AAAAAAAAH!!!!GREAT) were just fabulous and brilliant (not only for the effect of the hairspray!!)... Oh ok was waiting all the parts with Zac... He sing and dance very well. And when I say very well I mean VERY WELL!

;_; I want fifteen year!

Oh now I have to go to spend all my night on Zac Efron... ok... *tump!*... Ehehe... To make a couple of icons!

Challenge eight

New challenge!



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[6] Blending is allowed.
[7] You can reuse pics.
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[10] Suggest!

DEADLINE: Sunday August 26th at 8:00 pm UTC


Please don't forget to vote into the challenge 7!!


This will remind me that @ work I can't post new challenges Oo.
Absolutely not...

my 5 days out **Friday 'cause I've forgot to post^^**

Hi! After a long time I'm here again... @ work is always hard but I'm in my vacation week... Almost @ the end... ;_; By the way, from Sunday to Thursday I have been to Lignano Sabbiadoro beach with a friend of mine, Linda! I was a great experience... Oh God, I want to return there again... Today!! I don't want to stay @ home it's ... it's ... terrible. The 5 days ran away in a minute.
The weather was pretty good, the first day we arrived @ 12 pm and we lunched @ "Mucho Gusto" a kind of "McDonalds" but with hamburgers made with real meat and real vegetables... Yes, they had a very strange taste...
The hotel was very, very pretty, there was a swimming pool and tennis court... The leaflet talked about horses, but I really didn't see horses... I can't imagine where they were.
The room was small but homely, and the people on the hotel were nice too, I know that we were always in Italy and precisely in Udine, but the 90% of the people we met were German... Ok, I forgot always the 'morgen... I said -'Giorno- "Oh damned, ok tomorrow I'll say 'morgen, I swear"... The day after -'Giorno- "doh" <--- Homer Simposon's Docet... Mh...
We, me and Linda, stay @ the beach every morning and @ the swimming pool every afternoon (I want back that routine ;_;), the second day we met there a friend of us, Francesca, and we passed together almost all the night walking around through the people, eating ice-cream and drinking something of fruity and a little bit alcoholic (little bit eh! Oh no... I've forgot the Caipipesca -I think the possible translation can be Caipipeach... like the Caipiroska without strawberry but with the peach...- A really destructive drink for my neurons.)
After that, in the moments of relax (for me stay under the sun isn't very relaxing) we have seen The Tudors on my cellphone (12 hours for compress video, audio and subtitle in 110 mb for episode... my Nokia n73 wasn't very happy....) and I love to read Stephenie Mayer... That was my first approach to Twilight and New Moon, I ended the second book yesterday and I like them all too much! Oh, and obviously I'm in love with Edward ♥ ♥ ♥!!
I want to post here some photos that we took just yesterday ('cause Linda run as much as she can when she intercept a lens...).
I hope you have passed or you will pass a great, even though small -like mine-, vacation.


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